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I believe this is the world's first fully functional 3D printed spinning reel. The reel features a bail-less line retrieve with a low friction pulley, an oscillating spool to smooth the uptake, a click check, and an adjustable friction spool drag.

This is the very first functional prototype. It is still a little crude but that will be addressed in the next few iterations.

The reel currently has 13 printed parts. The finished reel will likely have 17 parts. There is no other hardware, it's ALL plastic!

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Nice! I came across this after I had an idea about another gadget and had an idea. I'd like to see the complete parts and assembly, to adapt for an unrelated use.

I assume the thing with the wave-arms is part of the anti-reversing mechanism and ratchets along the inner face of the cup-shaped piece.

Yes, I do enjoy fishing, but do not know rod and reel anatomy... I prefer running Trotlines.
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